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Here's Why:

Trying to Do It Alone

  • You cannot be successful without help (guidance, support, connections, deals, etc.) from others.

Forgetting the Development

  • Are you wanting to 'make it' quickly? The sooner you 'make it,' the sooner you can 'lose it.'

Not Sure of the Next Step

  • The music industry is very confusing and working hard is not enough. You need to be working smart.

You're in Your Own Way

  • Self-doubt, lack of confidence, comparing yourself to others, etc. Music is an individual journey.

"Who Can I Have Sessions With for Guidance?"

2X Grammy Award Winner

Pro who worked for Music's Biggest Moguls, including Simon Cowell

Artists who Formed their Own Path

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Professionals Will Provide Guidance On:

Reaching Millions

  • Learn to connect, inspire and form relationships throughout your music journey.

Earning a Living from Music

  • You will learn how to generate income by having several revenue streams.

Creating a Successful Career

  • A sustainable approach to ensure a long-lasting, successful music career.

Collabing with Prominent Artists

  • Taking your career to the next level by attracting established artists to your music

And anything else you would like to learn.

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2-TIME GRAMMY AWARD WINNER with 35+ years of experience and over 50 Million Album Copies Sold. His songs have featured in "Creed," "Get Hard" and "Shameless." 

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Which Pros are Best Suited to Guide You?



St Leger

St Leger has worked within the music industry for OVER 25 YEARS as a vocal coach, producer, songwriter, mentor and music industry consultant. She has worked privately for some of the world's greatest music moguls and managers including SIMON FULLER, SIMON COWELL and DAVID KING.




Professional Franco-Amercian Singer-Songwriter signed with GB Prod/PLAY TWO, which is mainly distributed with Warner Music. James will help you FIND YOUR STYLE, so you STAND OUT in the industry.


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What will the Results Be?

Monetary Compensation

  • A livable income, through several revenue streams, so you can sit back and enjoy doing what you love, creating music.

Rewording Lifestyle

  • A self-fulfilling journey, which will provide you everything you have dreamt of and more.

Professional Recognition

  • Your name will be prominent in the music industry, with others looking up to what you have accomplished.


  • You will build relationships with both the top names in music as well as your fans.

Deal, Deals & Deals

  • Throughout your long-lasting, successful career, you will be able to be picky about the deals you accept.

Your Dream Life, Sooner

  • Recognition in the industry, earning a living from your music, living a fulfilling life and lifting up those around you through music.

"Thanks to Musician Guidance, I was able to talk to Marc Swersky [2X Grammy Award Winner] and benefit from his wealth of experience. He was uplifting, critical, smart and wholehearted and gave me an honest overall picture of the work ahead to achieve what I want." 

- Julia Weinhold

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