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No two music journey's are the same, however, there are trends emerging among artists. Here's one trend you can use as a rough blueprint when working towards your music dream.

1) Post covers to build a sizeable following on social media
- Build connections and collaborate with artists doing the same

2) Now that you have a sizeable following, release original music
- Build connections with blogs, podcasts, artists in your genre, producers, etc.

3) Continue to grow your following and monetize it so you can live off your music (maybe not comfortably yet - but it’s a process)
- Learn deeply about your audience, what they want, where they’re from, what they like, etc.

4) You’ll get to a point when you may be approached by labels, agencies, managers etc. You'll have the decision to make of staying independent or getting signed?
- Build connections with everyone that reaches out to you and ask for referrals

5) Tour / build your brand globally
- Build connections beyond music, such as with film executives, sports organizations, etc.

Enjoy your success, but never forget the reason you started, for your love of music.

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