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WORKSHOP #4 - Making an EPK

An EPK is a collection of everything you would like the media, event coordinators, your fans and others to know about yourself.

It usually includes a collection of your music, pictures of yourself, a biography, past performances, contact information and any other relevant information about yourself (and your music).

The entire purpose is to provide a background on yourself and generate interest (usually to announce a release) or to get press coverage.

Having an EPK makes it much easier for bloggers and music sites to write about you, as all necessary information is easily bundled together for them (less research and less work for them).

So now that you know a little bit about EPKs and why you need one, let’s help you organize yours. In terms of where to actually create it, there are tons of sites that after a quick Google search you can find.

As for the organization of it, here are our recommendations.

1 - Start with the Bio (and links to your socials)

It is important to start with the bio, but not a traditional bio you may be thinking of. While a background of yourself is important, at the end of the day, this is where you sell yourself. Do not be afraid to build yourself up here.

Think of this section as your elevator pitch or a reason for event coordinators, the media and other promoters to check out the rest of your EPK. Remember, you’re unique, so be sure to show off your value here.

Recommendations for this section would be to include a background on yourself (or your band), including its achievements, aspirations, how you are unique from other artists (or bands), as well as current endeavours.

In addition to that, be sure to include a professional picture (profile picture), appropriate genres, set list (a list of songs that you or your band intends to perform - if applicable), stage plot (your performing setup, placement on stage, gear and other helpful information, presented visually - if applicable) and rider (anything you need both on and off stage to bring out your best performance - if applicable), so promoters know exactly what to expect from you at a gig.

Including links to your social pages at the top are also recommended (through clickable logos to keep it looking clean and professional). For example, showing an Instagram logo and when clicked, brings the promoter to your instagram page.

2 - Share What’s Upcoming

There are several ways to do this, but our recommendation is through a clickable calendar (when each event is clicked, it provides more information on the actual event). Creating clickable calendars certainly doesn’t seem easy, but there are several services that can help, including Sonicbids EPK (not a sponsor).

Sharing your upcoming events is important for several reasons. One is being for your fans to know where and when you (or your band) are playing. It is not always easy to keep up with posts on social media and so having an organized calendar certainly helps.

Furthermore, with clickable links to tickets, details and other information, it can increase your sales and gig turnout.

The other reason is so that promoters can see where you have performed and where you will be performing (both soon and in the future). This is important as the more events you have under your belt, the more experience you have, and ultimately the less risk there is for the promoter.

3 - Show Some Content

This part of the EPK is when you should share your best (or most popular) content in all variations, (pictures, videos and of course, songs). This content should include performances and promotional pictures to provide even more information to the promoters about yourself.

Be sure all content is of top quality (audio, clarity and professionalism). If there is a picture or a video of you performing that you absolutely love, but the quality is not there, do not include it. Any content that is of low quality comes off as sloppy and unprofessional.

This is especially true of your music. No matter how great the performance may look, if the audio of it is not top quality (for example filmed on a smartphone), it only highlights your imperfections or weaknesses.

The reason it is important to show your best content is because this section of your EPK will provide promotors further information as to what ‘partnering’ or conducting business with you will look like.

No one wants to host an act or be in business with someone that may not act professional or give it everything they have. You have worked extremely hard, so do not let a low pixelated picture hold you back.

So you have your EPK, Now What?

It is time for you to reach out. Join conversations with people, festivals or companies that you believe you would add value too and want to get involved with. In essence, do not just send your EPK to people you have never talked too with your fingers crossed.

Show them you’re interested in the event they hold or how you love their brand, festival, etc. This will increase your chances they give your EPK a look and once they do, they’ll be hooked.


Where to Display Your EPK?

Your EPK can be displayed on your website, a newsletter or through providers (Google them, there are many). Another recommendation would be to put a link to it in your email signature.

This can be done through a simple URL (however to make it even look more professional have your logo in your email linked to your EPK).

Many artists attach it as an email attachment, however to be honest with you, without knowing what it is, it may look like a virus, scam or other red flag to the promoter.

Furthermore, many emails with attachments can find their way into receiver’s spam folder if no prior communication was established.


Your Turn

Now it is your chance to create or update your EPK. After you have done that, email it to us for free feedback.

Also, if you have any questions throughout it, email us them too! Remember, this is a workshop. We’re here to help you succeed.


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