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Best Karaoke Songs

From heart-wrenching ballads that tug at the heartstrings to high-energy anthems that make you feel invincible, there are fun karaoke songs from all kinds of genres to choose from.

So, whether you're heading to a karaoke bar with friends, planning a sing-along bach party, setting up a karaoke machine at your wedding or thinking of hitting the stage as an exciting proposal idea, use this curated guide of top karaoke tracks to steal the spotlight and win over the crowd. Bonus: Give these popular songs a listen with our Best Karaoke Songs playlist on Spotify.

Key Takeaways for Best Karaoke Songs

  • Choosing the right song is crucial to making your karaoke night unforgettable.

  • Opt for popular songs that everyone knows and can sing along to, creating a fun atmosphere.

  • Consider your vocal range and pick a song that suits your voice to ensure a great performance.

  • Mix it up with a variety of genres, from pop and rock to country and R&B, to keep the crowd entertained.

  • Remember, karaoke is all about having fun, so pick a song you love and enjoy the moment!

Best Karaoke Songs

Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen's 1975 art-rock epic, Bohemian Rhapsody, is a staple in the karaoke world. The song's motley nature, which transitions from a plaintive ballad to quasi-classical choral harmonies and then to a guitar-driven rebel yell, makes it a versatile choice for any karaoke night. Whether you're engaging in a melodramatic group sing-along or a Wayne’s World–style head-thrashing session, this song has it all.

Ideal Circumstances

Simply put, there will never be a better final private room karaoke song. You get everything you could possibly want in one song: big solo vocal moments, call-and-response sing-alongs, a breakdown section for stomping around, and an epic climax that gives way to a mournful finish. You even get to end the night with a gong, for crying out loud.

Why It's a Classic

The high pomp of opera and the gutter circumstance of rock & roll tangle memorably in this classic. No one can sing like Freddie Mercury, of course, but the song's structure means that pretty much anything goes. From the iconic 'Bismillah! No, we will not let you go!' to the final notes, it's a journey worth taking.

Don't Stop Believin'

When you step on stage and the soundtrack for "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey starts, this crowd-pleaser will have everyone belting out the lyrics along with you, making you feel like a true rockstar! This song is a classic for a reason, and you'll have the whole bar singing along with you as soon as that swelling chorus hits.

Lyrics You'll Love

Just a small town girl Livin' in a lonely world She took the midnight train going anywhere Just a city boy Born and raised in South Detroit He took the midnight train going anywhere

Ideal Circumstances

  • Type: Group Sing-Along

  • Ideal Circumstances: When the past hour or more of songs have been exclusively released in the 21st century, and it’s about time someone injected the night with something a little more classic, “Don’t Stop Believin'” is the perfect choice. It’s full of 1980s rock n’ roll magic — but won’t alienate anyone from singing along either, because just about everyone alive knows every single word.

The Experts Say

“It’s almost synonymous with karaoke.” — Joe Zara

Sweet Caroline

"Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond is a timeless classic that never fails to bring joy to any karaoke night. With its simple lyrics and happy-go-lucky vibe, it's a song that everyone loves to sing along to. The lyrics, "Sweet Caroline/Good times never seemed so good/I've been inclined/To believe they never would," are particularly memorable and often have the crowd shouting back: "So good! So good! So good!"

Ideal Circumstances

"Sweet Caroline" is a crowd-pleaser, making it perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and bar mitzvah celebrations. It's also famously played at Boston Red Sox home games at Fenway Park, where it has become a longstanding anthem. Neil Diamond himself sang the song at the park in 2013 for the team’s first game after the Boston Marathon bombing, and again in a rare post-retirement performance.

Expert Opinion

Joe Zara, a karaoke enthusiast, says, "I think some people hate the song ‘Sweet Caroline’ — but if they forget that they hate it for one second, they’re singing it. You can’t make it through ‘Sweet Caroline’ from start to finish without singing it at least once. The bum bum bum, you just can’t, it’s ridiculous. That song never fails."

Livin' on a Prayer

"Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi is a quintessential crowd-pleaser that never fails to get the audience pumped. The song's iconic chorus, "Whoa, we're halfway there/Whoa oh, livin' on a prayer," is a moment everyone looks forward to. It's no secret that the back half of the chorus' woah-ohhh! is basically make-or-break for this one, and it’s in no short supply. If you’ve got the range, hit it; if not, maybe opt for a different showstopper.

Key Challenges

The key change in the song is tough to pull off, but people are way more jazzed about that song, so it works out.

Ideal Circumstances

Pull this one out when you’re trying to dial up the juice for one last stretch for the evening. It’s perfect for those moments when you want to get real literal with the “we’re halfway there” point from the chorus.

Money Note

The back half of the chorus’ woah-ohhh! is basically make-or-break for this one. If you’ve got the range, hit it; if not, maybe opt for a different showstopper.

Dancing Queen


ABBA's "Dancing Queen" (1976) is a timeless classic that has become a staple in karaoke songs. This track is perfect for a group sing-along and is often best enjoyed among the final five songs of the night. The song's infectious energy ensures that everyone will be having the time of their life.

Ideal Circumstances

"Dancing Queen" was built to end nights on the highest note possible! Whether you're in a bar or at a private party, this song is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet. Is there an un-ideal circumstance for ABBA?

Expert Opinion

The experts say that "Dancing Queen" is really big right now. All of ABBA is huge, thanks to the resurgence brought by "Mamma Mia." It's funny to see how a song can become popular again, making it one of the top karaoke songs to sing.

I Will Survive

When it comes to good karaoke songs, "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor is definitely at the top. If dramatic performances are your thing, this is the song for you. This is a peak sing-along song, one that the whole audience will join in on. The lyrics you'll love: "Go on now, go, walk out the door/Just turn around now/'Cause you're not welcome anymore/Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?"

Ideal Circumstances

This song is perfect for a solo showcase or a group sing-along. It's a great choice for anyone who wants to deliver a powerful and emotional performance.

Backup Option

If you're looking for a backup option, Jean Knight’s sassy 1971 smash “Mr. Big Stuff” has a similar storyline – someone who has finally had enough.


Oasis's "Wonderwall" is a quintessential karaoke classic that has stood the test of time. The song's catchy melody and relatable lyrics make it a favorite for many. Whether you're a seasoned singer or a novice, "Wonderwall" is a song that everyone can enjoy.

Why It's a Hit

"Wonderwall" has a unique ability to bring people together. Its simple chord progression and memorable chorus make it easy for anyone to sing along. The song's emotional depth also resonates with many, making it a powerful choice for karaoke.

Fun Fact

"Wonderwall" was released in 1995 and quickly became one of Oasis's most popular songs. It has since been covered by numerous artists and remains a staple in karaoke playlists.

Billie Jean

“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson is an iconic track that has become a staple of karaoke playlists worldwide. Released in 1983 as part of his legendary album “Thriller,” this song is known for its infectious beat and unforgettable bassline. The song's narrative about a woman claiming that the singer is the father of her child adds a dramatic flair that captivates audiences.

Why It's a Karaoke Favorite

The song's catchy rhythm and memorable lyrics make it a crowd-pleaser. Its moderate tempo allows singers to showcase their vocal skills without feeling rushed.

Tips for Singing Billie Jean

  1. Know the Lyrics: Familiarize yourself with the lyrics to avoid stumbling during your performance.

  2. Embrace the Beat: The song's beat is one of its most distinctive features. Make sure to stay in sync with it.

  3. Add Some Moves: Channel your inner Michael Jackson and add some dance moves to elevate your performance.

Like a Prayer

"Like a Prayer" by Madonna is a quintessential karaoke song that never fails to get the crowd going. This sacrilegious banger pulls in captivated listeners from the word go. Heads turn, crowds gather, and the energy in the room skyrockets as soon as the iconic beat drops.

Ideal Circumstances

"Like a Prayer" is perfect for the beginning of a karaoke night, maybe a couple of songs in. It's an instant energy-booster that requires audience participation and encourages clapping along. While it can be deployed as a night-capper, the real ‘heads know it gets the party started even better.

Lyrics You'll Love

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer/I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there." This nostalgic Madonna song demands an emotive performance, so keep that in mind if you select this song to sing at karaoke.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler is a quintessential karaoke classic. If your karaoke night ends with “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” it’s been a good night.

Watch Out For...

Are you singing the nearly seven-minute album version, or the four-and-a-half minute single version? If you’re only familiar with the single version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and the performance is unexpectedly going on for an extra two-and-a-half minutes, you may be in trouble. Be prepared, bright eyes.

Ideal Circumstances

The very last song of the night, full of shambolic swaying, group hugs between friends, slurred dedications to loved ones, and shout-along declarations during the song’s various movements.

Pro Tip

I always sing Total Eclipse of the Heart but it's not recommended for people who don't sing and who haven't already practiced singing it a lot in the shower! A lot of songs are harder to sing than you would think. My recommendation? Find a song that's easy to sing and that most people like. If you start stinking up the place, get everyone to sing along with you. Attitude is everything. If you're boogying it up a bit, nobody is going to care if you're missing half the notes.


From heart-wrenching ballads that tug at the heartstrings to high-energy anthems that make you feel invincible, there are fun karaoke songs from all kinds of genres to choose from. So, whether you're heading to a karaoke bar with friends, planning a sing-along bach party, setting up a karaoke machine at your wedding, or thinking of hitting the stage as an exciting proposal idea, use this curated guide of top karaoke tracks to steal the spotlight and win over the crowd. Remember, the key to a great karaoke experience is choosing a song that everyone knows and will sing along with you, which creates a fun atmosphere and takes some of the pressure off. So take a shot, warm up those vocal cords, and get ready to create unforgettable memories with the best karaoke songs ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good karaoke song?

A good karaoke song is one that you love, are familiar with, and suits your voice. It's also important to choose a song that everyone knows and will sing along with you to create a fun atmosphere.

How do I choose the right karaoke song?

Pick a song you enjoy and feel comfortable singing. Consider your vocal range and the song's popularity to ensure the audience can join in and have fun.

Are there different types of karaoke songs?

Yes, there are various types of karaoke songs, including pop songs, duets, songs for groups, throwbacks, hip hop and R&B songs, and country songs.

Why are popular songs preferred for karaoke?

Popular songs are preferred because they are well-known and can engage the crowd. Everyone is more likely to sing along, making the experience more enjoyable for both the singer and the audience.

Can I sing a song that's not well-known at karaoke?

While you can sing any song you like, it's generally better to choose well-known songs for karaoke. Obscure songs might not get the same crowd reaction and could make the experience less interactive.

What should I do if I'm nervous about singing karaoke?

If you're nervous, start with a song you know well and feel confident singing. Practice beforehand, and remember that karaoke is meant to be fun, not perfect. The audience is there to have a good time, so don't worry too much about hitting every note perfectly.


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