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BTS Songwriter Candace Sosa Shares How She Writes Irresistible Songs

Candace Sosa is a professional songwriter and producer who has written many songs for BTS (outrageously popular K-Pop Group) including eight placements on 4 #1 albums.

In a video made by Candace on Musician Guidance, she answers the question, "what advice would you give aspiring musicians starting out?"

In Candace's reply she suggested that you should "listen to your favourite music... and really, really pick apart the aspects of the song that you resonate with the most."

More often than not, aspects you connect with the most often connect with others too.

One tip Candace provides regarding this, to take your song to the next level, is to use these popular components but adding your own twist to make it different and unique to you.

She states "try and say something that's said by so many songwriters just in a basic way and kind of twist it a little bit more and make it your own."

The component you're taking is already very popular among musicians or music lovers, and so by taking it further and adding your own style to it, you're able to build off a proven "concept" and hopefully reach more musicians and music lovers.


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