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Do This to Earn Respect in the Music Industry

Jeany James is a professional Franco-Amercian singer-songwriter signed with GB Prod/PLAY TWO which is mainly distributed with Warner Music.

She recently provided several tips on Musician Guidance regarding "How to Earn Respect in the Music Industry."

"Most big executives and producers live in the major cities" and so if you're from a big city (Miami, New York, Los Angeles, etc), it is important for you to visit music festivals.

Believe it or not, more often than not, there will be highly regarded professionals there or at the very least, someone who has a connection to one of them.

With COVID though, (or if you do not live in a big city), you can easily connect with them on social platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, etc).

When you make that initial connection however, you need to know that "ego is a pretty big thing in the music industry," and so it is important to give professionals the attention they want, but also to "be in control of what you want" and show them that "you don't really need them." The stars will respect you for knowing your true worth.

This is exactly what Jeany did at the age of just 14, when she approached Timbaland, saying she wants to sing.

Soon after that, he put a team around her. She explains that "stars will remember... when you're just like simple" and so it is important to be spontaneous and not to calculate everything.


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