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Marketing Plan Step 3 of 3

Now that you have the fundamentals covered from step 1 and the planning of which routes to explore from step 2, step 3 is all about implementing and executing the plan.

Tie everything together from the first two steps, so that you can:

- Create content with a consistent message,

- Use appropriate content, distribution channels and promotional practices that efficiently market towards your target audience,

- And ensure that your music is received how you would like it to be.

So that you achieve the music objectives you had outlined at the beginning of step 1.

In order to do this, as seen on our checklist for releasing original music, there are many components to take into consideration.

  1. Get content made (artwork, posters, social posts, artist profile picture, etc) that are consistent with the answers you provided throughout this marketing plan

  2. Prep the music format for the distribution channels you have decided on, based on your target market

  3. Reach out to the distributors you will use, and get setup for your release

  4. Update your social pages to reflect your message, music and brand (remember to be consistent across all platforms)

  5. Update or create an EPK - once again, ensure it is consistent with your appearance everywhere (both online and in person)

  6. Create a social media posting plan, PR plan, playlisting plan, distribution plan, promotional plan, etc, with the information within your marketing plan

  7. Create a pitch for blogs, playlists, journalists, promoters, etc if this is a route your marketing plan incorporates

Your plan is unique to yourself, hence it is tough to give any generic advice from here on out, however there are a few takeaways you must never forget:

1) Always be consistent with your message across, across all platforms

2) Test every assumption you make until you can deny or confirm it.

- If you deny it, make a new assumption and test it. Do this until you can confirm it, because an unproven assumption is an opinion, in which you could lose a lot of time and money, and still not achieve your objectives, whereas a confirmed assumption is a fact, that will bring you your desired objectives.

One more thing to note is we do offer reviews of marketing plans, to basically go over everything you had provided and from a high-level view, see if there are any inconsistencies, or room for improvement.


That will end your marketing plan for now though, and while nothing is guaranteed, we are certain that if you properly and carefully went through each step, you will see the results of your next release skyrocket!


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