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Nubia Shambee Shares Her Story

Singer-songwriter Nubia Shambee, at just the age of 26, has already written over 5 albums.

Shambee resides in Chicago, Illinois and first got into music when she found out that stories can be told through musical events, such as music videos, and even a song.

Shambee states that, "seeing others who have come before me in the rap Industry both men and women have inspired me to want to tell my own story."

And tell her own story she has! With over 5 albums written, the Chicago native cannot wait for everyone to hear what she have been working on, and hopes it will get her one step closer to her dream of working with and winning Grammys alongside big name artists.

"I am super excited to have written these albums so that people can get a visual of a fictional story told by song; I am an author at heart," she explained. If you would like to keep up to date with Nubia, you can do so on her Instagram page here.


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