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Record Label Owner Shares "What Labels Look for in Artists"

Mykel Brooks is a platinum producer, as well as creator of the Grammy nominated music production team "The Lab Rats Ink" and owner of his own label "TBrooks Music Group / The Lab Rats Ink."

When Brooks was asked, "what do label companies look for in artists" in a recent interview on Musician Guidance, he replied, artists "that already have it so to speak."

When looking at it from a business standpoint, the less work the label needs to do, the more profitable the artist will be for the company and so Brooks encourages artists to "do a lot of work by yourself, before you try and contact a label."

This will increase your chances of being "picked up" by the desired company.

Brooks also answered the question of whether a manager is needed to approach a record label.

He initially stated "it is recommended... because labels still don't accept unsolicited material."

Therefore in order to have your music heard, you will need someone on the "inside" such as Brooks who could theoretically walk you right into the label.


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