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SAVI, A True Creative

We have the honor today to learn more about the beautifully talented Musician Guidance member, who goes by her stage name, SAVI.

From an early age, SAVI became passionate towards music and wanting to become a singer.

As a matter of fact, it was at just five years of age to which she had her earliest memories of music.

Throughout the years, as SAVI grew up she was constantly moving around to new places, and with her environment continually changing, music was the one constant. She found comfort and love towards creating and exploring many genres of music, and it is this non-genre defining creativity SAVI possesses that has been a support and passion of hers for as long as she can remember.

In fact, SAVI had the opportunity to be a member of the prestigious Medicine Hat college girls choir from 2014 to 2016, which included being able to tour around South Africa and sing backup for Mackenzie Porter. In 2015, she also performed as an opera singer with the Medicine Hat Concerto Orchestra, as well as received an award for inspiring artist.

Moreover, throughout high school, SAVI performed in many bands that participated in competitions. It is here where she found her love for the stage, and passion for performing.

Formally, SAVI has been classically trained for over ten years, ranging in styles such as pop, rock, opera, musical theatre, jazz, and many more.

With her experience in many genres, one of her goals, and something she is extremely passionate about is singing and writing lyrics that have flavor behind the words, so as to tell a story, whether about herself or someone else.

She aspires to continue to keep her passion as a singer/songwriter, as well as wishes to continue to grow as an artist and as a person with the goal of inspiring her fan base. With her hard work, determination and pure talent, she will be continuing to perform on stages and hope to eventually tour sometime soon.

Fun fact: In addition to pursuing music, SAVI is also a cosplayer. She enjoys dressing up as different characters from anime shows along with having a persona of a foxgirl.

Her love and respect for Japanese/Korean culture is unmatched and even plans to travel to Japan next year to sing there.

Upcoming: SAVI is currently working on her next years full album and music videos. She is planning on doing shows for her release.

Keep up to date with SAVI below:


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