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WORKSHOP #3 - Sending Your Song Links Via Instagram

Have you ever sent a link to your music via Instagram DMs? Whether it was to promote your new song or ask people to pre-save it? Or have you sent a link to your new post? We all have! It’s quick and easy, so why not?

Generally, this is not something I particularly like, especially because there are much better distribution strategies, but nevertheless, I know it will be done anyway and so why not teach you some ways to increase the effectiveness of it, right?

I have been the recipient of thousands of links without asking for them on social media. Luckily, I like music and so I’ll almost always listen to it, but most will not. In order to increase the effectiveness of them (the number of people that click them and do what you want them to, such as like or pre-save), you need to craft a compelling message.

In order to craft captivating messages, here are four components you need to know.


1 - The Link has to Show a Preview - While this first component is not necessarily one that creates a captivating message, without it, no one will open it, simply put, because it looks like a virus.

So what is a preview? Often, when you share a link, there will be a preview of where the link will bring you. For example, if you share an instagram post, it will show a preview of the post (image) and then when clicked on, it will link back to your page (or wherever it was from).

On most websites, you're able to create a preview (image and text) that shows where the link will take the user. If the website offers it, 100% take advantage of it.


2 - You Need to Offer Value - This is the first real component of the message and it needs to not only draw the receiver in and show them the value in either pre-saving your song, listening to it, “liking” it, etc.

So many times I receive messages saying something like, “please like, share and comment.” That’s it. Many people think, “why should I take time out of my busy day to do this.” Of course artists want to help each other out, but at the end of the day, it’s human nature to want value out of it (beyond helping).

I also get messages saying, “I am so proud of this song. Check it out.” I hope you’re proud of it. It’s something you created that I am sure you put your blood, sweat and tears into, but once again, there is not much value for the receiver.

So how can you provide value? First you need to understand what value is. Value is ultimately a positive outcome that the listener will get. I am not a fan of “I will do the same for you,” because while that is value, you’re selling your music short.

Your music is amazing, so try and get people to listen for the love of it. An example is, “If you had a stressful week, this song is so for you.” Obviously your song may not be within that style, but try and provide value in a similar way.


3 - You Need to Implement the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) - In other words, if the people you send it to do not listen to it, what would they miss out? Of course they would miss out on having their ears blessed by your song, but what else?

Almost everyone wants to feel included and so you can use this to your advantage. For example, “This song was reviewed by (one of Musician Guidance’s Mentors) and they loved it. Would love to hear if you think the same?”

Due to the reputation the music professional has, you better believe the receiver is going to want to listen to your song now, because if they do not, they will feel as if they are missing out on a potential new ‘hot song.’


4 - You Need a Call to Action - Lastly, in order to get the person to click, you need to tell them where it will bring them. Call to actions (CTAs) can include, shop now, book today or in your case, probably, pre-save now, or listen now.

It seems tedious but having a call to action can seriously increase the chances people click on the link. In addition to that, by adding a time constraint, such as listen “today” or pre-save “now,” the chances they click will be increased even more.


Your Turn

Now it is your chance to create the perfect message with your song link. After you have done that, email it us for free feedback.

Also, if you have any questions throughout it, email us them too! Remember, this is a workshop. We’re here to help you succeed.


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