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Slay Mayas is Back with a Feel Good Song You Won’t Want to Miss.


Our talented member, Slay Mayas is back with a feel good song you won’t want to miss.

Slay is a singer-songwriter that creates music as a form of therapy. Not only does Slay write her own songs, but she is also an incredibly dynamic vocalist.

Primarily focusing on creating feel-good music, you can be sure to receive a positive vibe when listening to her songs.

On June 18, 2021, Slay released her new single, “Vibe,” which she hopes will be as therapeutic and inspiring to you as it is for herself.

Vibe is a feel good song about a fantasy type of love with a 90s vibe to it. It has a nostalgic feeling and chill track, making it the perfect song to add to your summer playlist.

To listen to Vibe, click here.

Or to keep up with Slay, follow her on her socials here: Instagram -

Spotify - Slay Mayas


Here's a little preview for you.

Want to hear the full song? Click here.


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