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Social Media Branding & Management Tips by Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn is a professional musician with over 700K followers, and seen by millions through her relentless international touring. She has shared the stage with some of the biggest country stars including Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. In a video featured on Musician Guidance, Lynn provides a mini masterclass on social media branding and management. She shares several tips that has allowed her to grow her social following from nothing to over 700K followers across all platforms. One tip she shares is "the rule of thumb, which is when you look at the first set of thumbnails that show up on your Instagram page, that should be a good representation of who you are." Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is surprisingly not as common as you would think. Lynn always tries to ensure there is at least one picture of herself holding an instrument because for her, "it's very important as an artist that people know that I'm also an instrumentalist." Being a country artist, Lynn also tries to ensure there are many pictures in a country setting. "My photography represents the style of music that I do." The biggest takeaway is to be consistent with the overall 'vibe' and/or 'style' you are trying to portray on your social media pages.

It is important to show aspects of yourself which you believe will connect with your audience but in a way that is consistent with your overall brand.

Remember, you can go beyond music. What you may find is that people connect with you over your dog, or favorite cereal, or something else, and after building that initial connection, they then become followers and fans of your music.


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