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From Xanax to Success, Read The Full Story

777Blest is a musician that now makes positive alternative music to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention. He did not always have such a clear calling however...

This is the story of 777Blest.

His family originated from Compton and Carson California and was raised in North County San Diego in the city of Oceanside, California.

His dad introduced him to 2Pac and Biggie and his older brother exposed him to some of his favorite rappers DMX and Eminem. This led 777Blest into discovering more alternative rock music, including, Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, & Panic At The Disco.

Despite experimenting and enjoying music, the California native began experimenting with drugs at just the age of 12, and by the time he was 13, he was taking ecstasy. After his parents got divorced, (and when he was just 14), he got caught up in the gang life of a predominantly Samoan blood gang.

"I related to the Samoans because their family members were blood gang members like mine were," 777Blest explained.

While being involved with gangs, "my brother committed suicide by shooting himself in my garage May 4th, 2017 due to paranoia schizophrenia," he stated. His brother was just 22.

After losing his brother, he no longer wanted to have any emotions, as the loss was too much too handle. "That was my full blooded brother he taught me everything he was my other half," he said.

Around this time, 777Blest began taking Xanax, to cut off all feelings and emotions. It also distorted his thought process; he no longer had any regard for any human emotion, and the ability to show affection was long gone.

"I was dying. Seizure after seizure. I was having so many seizures. I started having them by myself and didn’t tell my friends or family because I knew I was a drug addict and I wanted to keep taking Xanax so I tried to hide the seizures or blame them on something else," Blest777 articulated.

It is safe to say that the Californian had anything but a pleasant life to this point, but now the story changes.

The decision to turn his life around came when "I had a seizure in my moms house and I woke up to her crying over me saying 'please God not my baby. I lost my other baby. Don’t take my other one.' She already lost a son. I couldn’t keep doing this to my mom and my family," he stated.

With determination, and a will to get better, 777Blest got clean and went to rehab at the age of 19. Now at 24 years of age, 777Blest is five years sober from Xanax and hard drugs.

He now preaches that we should all remove negative or toxic people/situations from our life, and when we do, our well-being will improve drastically.

"No more coke. No more lean. No more Xanax. No more meth. No more Percocet. No more ecstasy. Stop being hateful and evil to people. Smile at strangers. Go say I love you to your parents and siblings if you still have them. Life is too short to be angry all the time. Just stay blest," admirable words, from an admirable man who was able to flip his life around.

Since being sober, 777Blest has been able to focus exclusively on his music.

"Every day someone new gets to listen to my music and change something negative about their life," he explained.

Whether that is getting off drugs, or preventing themselves from causing harm, 777Blest's music has already positively impacted those that have listened to it, and that means the world to himself.

"I have had multiple supporters message me and DM me, thanking me and blessing me for my music and for promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention," he said.

While having already inspired and helped many, his mission is just starting.

He hopes his music will either directly help bring peace to the world, or at the very least, raise more leaders like Martin Luther King Jr & Malcolm X, to fight for what’s right. To stand up to evil and love all races and genders.

"Stay blest gang gang #777Forever," 777Blest.

Did you find 777Blest's story interesting? You can stay up to date with his music, by clicking here or up to date with himself on all social media platforms at 777Blest.


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