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Music feedback - Jeany James

International Musician with 2 Million Views on one song alone

  • 1 h
  • 98.99 US dollars
  • Written Music Feedback (400 words)

Service Description

This service provides you the opportunity to receive real, detailed, written music feedback from a professional musician. Jeany's areas of expertise include; - Singing lessons - Stage Presence Introduction - How to release Anxiety while preparing for a show - Interview Preparation - Piano Lessons - Recording Studio Sessions / Helping you get the perfect vocals and emotion delivery on your track - Understanding how to create melodies and make it into a unique song - How to find your sound and craft it - How to set up your own home studio to be able to record independently - How to find a theme for a song - Understanding the difference between singing in Studio and Singing Live - How to correctly record a song - How to launch a song independently - How to promote your music through online social media - Learning to grow your audience and create true fans through interaction Jeany started out at the age of 14 touring the world as a professional tennis player and turned to music as a way to express herself. She later had the chance to meet Grammy-Winning Producer Timbaland (who worked with Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake). She has released several songs including 'Niska RAP Parody Remix' which has nearly 2 million views. Book Jeany to provide you some industry insight and valuable information to take your music to the next level. Please note, when booking you will select a time-slot (by the hour), this is simply for the organization of the professional. The service will be delivered within 7 days of the booking time. Description of Service: - Up to 400 words of Written Feedback provided to you via email. - Please read the description of the Professional as the feedback may focus on particular components. - Please include any information in the booking form of what you would like the Professional to know. This could include song links, social media links, etc. Timeframe: - This service will be fulfilled within 7 days of the scheduled booking time. - After the the Feedback has been delivered to you, you will have 3 days to accept the order (accept that you had received what you had paid for). - In the event of a cancellation from the Professional, you will be given a full refund. Disclaimer: Not every request you submit is guaranteed to be seen or included in the Feedback due to word-count limit or potentially inappropriate comments. For full details, please check our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Cancellation Policy

A 100% refund will be given if you decide to cancel the service 3 days prior to the scheduled service commencing. If the service is not cancelled within 3 days of the scheduled service, no refund will be given.

Contact Details

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