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Promoting is Flawed

  • Do you promote using social media? It's flawed. The keywords you select will target anyone who has ever searched that, aka, it's not targeted.

Not Promoting it Smartly

  • Buying shout outs on social media in which your song is shown will increase exposure, but towards the wrong target group.

Not Targeting Correctly

  • Your audience is not every music fan. It's not even everyone with the same preference of genre.

Bad Distribution Choices

  • Sending your link to all your followers is spam, furthermore, your conversion rate from it is extremely low.

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Artists with Tens of Millions of Streams

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Increasing Engaged Followers

  • The current day industry is all about numbers (followers). You need them for a successful career.

Music Distribution

  • Learn to professionally distribute your music, to gain followers, streams and recognition from industry professionals.

Increasing Streams

  • Your top 5 most streamed songs on Spotify are a major factor for labels in determining whether to sign you or not.

Reaching Your Target Market

  • Learn who your target market is, what they want to see and how to efficiently reach them.

And anything else you would like to learn.

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Hudson Moore

Professional Musician with OVER 48 MILLION STREAMS and 250K FOLLOWERS across all platforms. Hudson knows how to grow followings without the help of labels.

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Professional singer, SEEN BY MILLIONS over the world through her relentless international touring. Lynn has grown her Instagram page to OVER 100K FOLLOWERS on her own.

Michaela D.


HEAD OF PUBLICITY experience at a Label Company. Michaela knows exactly what Labels look for in your social media presence. 



2-Time Grammy Award Winner with 35+ years of experience and OVER 50 MILLION ALBUM COPIES SOLD. His songs have featured in "Creed," "Get Hard" and "Shameless." 

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Professional Songwriter whose songs have OVER 500 MILLION STREAMS. She has written many songs (including eight placements on 4 #1 albums for BTS.




Professional Franco-Amercian Singer-Songwriter signed with GB Prod/PLAY TWO, with MILLIONS OF STREAMS will help you find your style, so you stand out in the industry.




In addition to having coached, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers and several other artists, Scotty has a singing career of his own, with over 4.5 MILLION RECORDS SOLD.

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What will the Results Be?

Sold Out Crowds

  • Increasing your following, will increase your turnout at live performances, which in turn provides more revenue.

Monetary Compensation

  • The more followers & streams, the more royalties, and revenue from CDs, merchandise, sponsors, etc.

More Followers & Streams

  • You will get information on not only how to grow your following & streams, but ensure long-lasting engagement.


  • You will build real relationships with professionals that at some point in time may turn into a collaboration.

Deal, Deals & Deals

  • The industry is all about numbers. The more followers and streams you have, the better chances for record label deals.

Your Dream Life, Sooner

  • Recognition in the industry, earning a living from your music, living a fulfilling life and lifting up those around you through music.

"Whenever I had questions, I was helped personally and directly - Which I felt was very trusting and I really appreciate the engagement. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get one step closer to the strength to stand by their dream." 

- Julia Weinhold

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