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Hudson Moore

50 million streams

Hudson can help you:

1) Increase your stream count
2) Land sync deals and licenses with major organizations
3) Skyrocket your social following on your own (without the help of a label)

Hudson Moore

Hudson's Services:


1 on 1 Zoom Sessions

Current Promotions

$129.99 for 15 minutes

$259.98 for 30 minutes

$519.96 for 60 minutes

Music Feedback

$99.99 for 400 words

Social Media Strategy

$154.99 for strategy


About Hudson

Hudson Moore is one of Rolling Stone’s “10 Country Artists You Need To Know.” He has already amassed over 50 million streams across all platforms and built a dedicated social media following of over 250,000, all without the help from a major label.

The Fort Worth, TX native’s original music has been placed in over twenty feature films, TV shows and commercials - with licenses from multiple Netflix Originals, The Dallas Cowboys, The Texas Longhorns, Sundance Film Festival, Cartoon Network, Pandora, and a long list of feature films. Moore has been featured in revered publications such as Rolling Stone, Southern Living, CMT, Hollywood Life and countless others.


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