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Becky Willard

Becky Willard

Record company owner

Becky can help you:

✅ Get signed, by peeling back the curtain into the type of artists she seeks out as a record company owner
✅ Avoid music business scams, (and especially record label scams)
✅ Develop into a desirable artist, through artist development
✅ Create irresistible music by reviewing your tracks, demos etc and providing recommendations


Becky Willard is a music producer, recording engineer, songwriter, composer, vocalist and mentor. With her experience of over 15 years, she has mentored artists that have appeared on "The Voice," "American idol," "America's Got Talent" and other realty singing shows as well as on Broadway, Las Vegas shows and national touring companies. Hundreds of her productions have been released and have millions of streams combined. Becky is also the founder of VoxFox Productions LLC, a record company helping artists build music careers by creating a personalized plan for each artist, including artist development, music production, distribution, publishing and marketing.

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