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Ways to Connect with Professionals:

1 on 1 Video Calls

Chat Directly with Marc Swersky

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Shout Outs

Receive Personal Video Messages

Video Blogger
Music Feedback

Get Insight on Your Music

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Video Tips

Included in subscription

Online Course

Tip Videos

Included in Subscription

Covering Topics Such As:

  • Do's and Don'ts of the Music Industry​​

  • Tips for Writing Successful songs

  • How to Professionally Distribute Your Music?

  • What do Label Companies look for in Artists?

  • How to Increase your Chances at being Noticed?

  • Why Songwriting is Crucial to Meet Industry Contacts?

  • How to get Your Music on Playlists?

  • How to Earn Respect in the Music Industry? 

  • AND Many, Many More!


How Do Tip Videos Benefit You?


Short (Straight to the Point) Videos so you can quickly learn it all


Taught Directly by Pros based off years of Experience and Success 


Topics based off Surveys from 1,000 Musicians, so the info is Sought After

1 on 1 Video Sessions

How It Works

  • 1 on 1 Private Video Meetings with Music Stars

  • Conducted over Zoom

  • Vary in length (15 - 60 minutes)​

  • Simply Book a time and you'll be provided a Zoom link to join the call.


How do 1 on 1 Video Calls Benefit You?


You can Directly Ask a Pro Any Question you have for Instant Guidance 


This will provide you contacts to music stars, that can open several doors for your career 


It's an opportunity to get Industry Professional Eyes on Your Music  

Shout Outs

How It Works

  • Personalized Video Shout Outs from Music Stars (about 1 Minute in Length)

  • Simply input a question you have or a comment you would like from the professional and click book


How Do Shout Outs Benefit You? 


It puts you on the Radar of Music Stars


Provides you quick guidance, support, insight or feedback to help you on your journey


Provides some bragging rights that stars are sending you personalized videos

Music Feedback

How It Works

  • 400 Words of Honest, Constructive Feedback on Your Music, or any other area (social media strategies, career guidance, industry tips and insights, etc.).


How Does Music Feedback Benefit You? 


Provides you industry knowledge on how you could improve your music


The pros have big name contacts, so if they like your music, they could make the next call for you


You can receive insight to give you a better chance of succeeding in the industry

Now is Your Chance to Directly Connect With Music Stars Who Can Help You Through Your Stage Fright, Increase Your Followers, Get a Label Contract and So Much More.

We understand the Music Industry is Expensive.

That's why, simply for joining, We're Giving You Freebies:

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Condensed, straight to the point videos, taught directly by professionals.

Free Shout Out

You will receive a personalized video from Marc Swersky (2X Grammy Winner).

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Easy to read articles providing advice on the music industry, based on challenges you face.

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