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"If you want to be a pro, put in the time it takes to be a pro."

This quote is something we can all learn a lot from. In such a fast-paced world we’re living in, almost everyone wants instant success (maybe you too), but let’s take a step back for a second.

If everyone had instant success, would anyone really have success? Deep thoughts, right? The point is, you probably admire this idea of instant gratification because why not go straight to the end goal (missing all the setbacks), right?

You also probably think it’s possible because you heard one person do it, and you dream about being the second.

Yes, there have been a fraction of successful people who earn their success quickly, but 99.9 percent of professionals earned it through hard work, dedication and thousands of hours poured into your craft.

Music is no different. Think about Justin Bieber, discovered online at the age of thirteen and then he instantly became a household name, right? Wrong! Justin was posting covers on YouTube long before his discovery and before that, he was singing in competitions for his friends and family.

He didn’t even end up releasing his first single for two years after Scooter Braun discovered him, with his EP taking another six months. So that ‘instant fame’ was actually years in the making.

Furthermore, the 0.01 percent that do achieve instant success often have major personal troubles due to the drastic change in lifestyle. So while the journey may be long with many twists in the road, it is great for your development as an artist and as a person.

Learning the lifestyle you’re working towards is extremely critical, because when you achieve it, you’ll know how to cope with any added challenges that come along with it.

So if you want to be a pro, or already are and want to propel your career even more, stop trying to find short cuts. There aren’t any. What may seem like a shortcut, could really just set you up for failure in another aspect of your life.

Invest in yourself, enjoy your journey, and work smart towards your dream by practising everyday, building connections and encouraging those around you. Oh and lastly… ‘if you really want to be a pro, put in the time it takes to be a pro.”


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