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How To Get Noticed By A Record Label?

Hello you beautiful musician, and let me take a wild guess here... you want to get noticed by a record label?

Was I right? Well there's no doubt about it... record labels used to be the best (and really the only way) to break through into the music industry, but times have since changed.

That doesn't mean labels are not still a viable option, it just means the process is different, the recruitment is different, and the return is different.

To help us understand it and the ins and outs of record labels, let's hear from King Lu (Lucas Jay). King Lu is an A&R, Music Amplificator, Music Executive and founder of Captive Music. He recently was kind enough to answer some questions for Musician Guidance through a mini masterclass, in which breaks down record labels, including sharing exactly...

1) How to get discovered by a record label?

2) How to get signed to a record label?

3) What happens after signing a record deal?

4) What should artists realistically expect after signing a record deal?

I hope you enjoy the video : )

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Take care, and keep making music : )

Mack B. Founder of Musician Guidance

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