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Industry Professional shares Tips on Music Distribution to Gain Exposure

Michaela D. Jordan is an industry professional who represents multi-Grammy winners and Broadway veterans.

Music distribution is Jordans' forte and in a recent video (featured on Musician Guidance), she explained everything you need to know about music distribution and how to professionally distribute music as an independent artist.

This blog will outline a couple of her many tips given in the video. Firstly though, we need to understand the importance of music distribution.

As Michaela said, it quite simply will help you "gain a larger audience." On top of this, it helps label companies track your music much more easily, which helps record labels decide whether they should invest in you or not.

One of her tips is encouraging you to release your music on a Friday. You have probably heard of this before, but what you may not have known is that "it used to be that CDs were released on a Tuesday," but nowadays, releasing on Friday is optimal (especially on Spotify), as people are listening to music throughout the weekend and so your new single will "hit all those new release algorithms."

Moreover, Jordan explains that several music industry professionals watch out for the hashtag "newmusicfriday," and so "if you are looking for an agent, booking, label support, etc, take advantage of the Friday release day."


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