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The Problem is Social Media Let's You Reach The Entire World

We live in amazing times, where you can reach the entire world in any given social post. The problem is that you can reach the world in any given social post… why is that a problem?

Because you’re trying to… You’re so caught up in that, that you’re posting to popular hashtags, sending music to blogs all over, etc. to literally try and reach the world. Unfortunately, music is a business, and marketing doesn’t quite work like that.

Let’s take a step back and use an analogy to help you better understand. Let’s pretend you own an ice cream shop in your city that exclusively sells chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Sure you can advertise to an entire country or to the entire world, BUT, you’re wasting your time, money and impact of your message. Your target market consists of vanilla and chocolate ice cream lovers in your city, that’s it.

Let’s go back to your music, yes, you’re a singer-songwriter, yes, you’re a recording artist, yes, the genre you create is pop, but that doesn’t narrow the audience to your precise target market.

The goal is to attract people to your music that are most-likely to follow you and stick around for all your future releases (in the analogy, vanilla and chocolate ice cream lovers in your city).

One hard truth is, not everyone is going to be a fan of your music. We know that sucks to hear, but it has nothing to do with your talent. It is simply that people all use music for something different.

That doesn’t mean you should change your style to try and reach different markets. Take the time to pinpoint who your target audience is and not just “people that like pop music.”

Take it one step further, such as, when would people listen to your music? (Maybe after a breakup? Maybe after losing a friend or family member? Maybe after an accomplishment?) What emotions would listeners feel when hearing your music? etc.

Once you have figured all that out, take the time to research hashtags. You want to find hashtags that aren’t super popular (because then your posts will be lost, as new content is constantly uploaded to them) but also hashtags that aren’t too narrow (because then your content will never be seen).

In general, try and aim for hashtags between 10,000 to 100,000 uses (but make sure the hashtag is still being used). Sometimes hashtags only last temporarily around trends.

Once you have figured all this out and implemented it, your market will certainly be smaller than the world, but it will be highly targeted.


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