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2X Grammy award winning songwriter provides tips on how to write a hit.

Marc Swersky is a 2X Grammy award winning producer, songwriter, manager & mentor with over 50 million album copies sold, having contributed on songs for Whitney Houston, Joe Cocker and Hilary Duff.

When asked in an interview on Musician Guidance, what are your tips for writing a successful song, he instantly replied, "don't be afraid to enter the great unknown." The first idea you have may not be the final idea but always write it down, because it could spark something else.

He also referenced the "Nashville analogy" in his reply saying "you get in a room, three hours later you walk out with a song." Nothing may progress from the song, but "writing is like a muscle, you just have to keep working at it in order to get it to go somewhere."

Marc also said "don't take no for an answer" and "don't be afraid to change something... because one simple tweak can mean the difference between something being special and something being just ordinary." There is always a different way to say something, so explore with different options rather than taking the first idea that comes into your head.


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