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Marc Swersky

2X Grammy Winner

Marc can help you:

✅ Produce and write music that people will love and want to listen to over and over again
✅ Grow and develop your legacy for a long-lasting career 
✅ Get your music placed in films, TV shows and commercials

✅ Build up your image, and develop your craft to attract opportunities

Marc Swersky
  • 2 Time Grammy Winner and 50+ Million Albums Sold

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Marc Swersky has over 40 years of experience, as a songwriter & producer, and his albums have sold in excess of 50 million copies.

Over the past 5 years Swersky has developed three artists who have landed finalist/runner up spots on NBC’s The Voice. His songs have also been featured in the recent blockbusters Creed, Get Hard, Barbershop 3: The Next Cut and shows such as Showtime’s Shameless.

He is a also a two time Grammy Award Winner, featured on: The Bodyguard Soundtrack for the song “Trust In Me,” sung by Joe Cocker and Thanks And Giving All Year Long for the song “I’ll Give Anything But Up,” sung by Hilary Duff.

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