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The Best Free Plug-Ins According to a 2X Grammy Winner

Hello you beautiful musician, and if you stumbled across this blog, you're probably wondering what plug-ins are not only the best, but also, well... free!

As 2X Grammy winner and Musician Guidance mentor Marc Swersky says, "Don't get bogged down in that," a plug-in is just a tool.

With that being said, the multi Grammy winning producer/songwriter has over 40 years of experience and 50 million album copies sold, which you can bet, resulted in testing A LOT of plug-ins. In this clip he joins Ryan Dawley, another Musician Guidance mentor to share with you his favorite plugins.

I hope you enjoy the clip : )

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Take care, and keep making music : )

Mack B. Founder of Musician Guidance

"The guy in the hat"

Big time music lover, below average golfer


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