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Songwriters, this is how you write for prominent artists!

Persiaa Tenai manages a production company that includes a camp of songwriters and producers who push out industry records for placements with major artists and producers.

In a recent video featured on Musician Guidance, Tenai explains how being a songwriter "opens more doors" over being an artist.

When you're a songwriter, "you can get in the room with major artists" as you're helping them create their music, and as soon as the initial connection is made between the artist, songwriters are then able to showcase their other projects.

In her reply, she references Chris Brown and explains if you're an artist and you show a major music star (such as Chris Brown) your own work, "what is he supposed to do with it? He's not the A&R. He's not the manager. What is he supposed to do with your song other than feature it?"

Whereas when you're a songwriter, you're "shopping your song." If you were to show your song and "they like it, they'll buy it on the spot," get you the paperwork and get it to the A&R right away.

Songwriting is a great way to "get you more clout" in the music industry.


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