About Persiaa:

  • Persiaa Tenai started in the entertainment industry as a Radio Personality and poet.

  • After taking classes for Poetic Language to master her pen game as a songwriter, she then began her career as an artist and vocal producer.

  • Still studying the business of entertainment, Persiaa was able to mentor others in the entertainment industry.

  • While working as a vocal producer in several studios, Persiaa began learning studio management and etiquette.

  • Persiaa now runs her own production company that includes a camp of songwriters and producers who push out industry records for placements with major artists and producers.

Persiaa's Services:

  • 15 Minute 1 on 1 Video Calls

    • Persiaa will answer any questions you have and provide industry insight and knowledge to help you succeed 

  • 400 Words of Written Music Feedback

    • Persiaa will listen to your music and offer constrictive criticism to help you succeed

  • A Personalized Video Shout Out

    • Persiaa will answer any brief questions you have that you haven't been able to get the answer to ​

  • Tip Video

    • Persiaa provides a Tip Video that includes great advice all musicians should know, such as how songwriting "gets you in the room" with big music stars  

Persiaa's Availability (in CST):

  • 15 Minute 1 on 1 Video Calls

    • 3:20pm to 5:05pm (Sunday)

    • 3:40pm to 4:55pm (Monday)

    • 4:40pm to 5:55pm (Tuesday)

    • 5:40pm to 6:55pm (Wednesday)

    • 6:40pm to 7:55pm (Thursday)

    • 7:40pm to 7:55pm (Friday)

    • 12:00pm to 1:45pm (Saturday) 

  • Persiaa's other services are Not Live and so they can be booked any time

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