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Persiaa Tenai

Persiaa Tenai

Production company manager

Persiaa can help you:

✅ Get placements with major artists and producers
✅ Increase your recognition within the music industry (and especially with big players)
✅ Create irresistible music through reviewing your tracks, demos etc and providing professional feedback to make them even better

Marc Swersky
  • Manages a Production Company and Mentors Artists in the Music Industry

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    From 64.99 US dollars


Persiaa Tenai started in the entertainment industry as a radio personality and poet. After taking classes for poetic language to master her pen game as a songwriter, she then began her career as an artist and vocal producer. Still studying the business of entertainment, Persiaa was able to mentor others in the entertainment industry.

While working as a vocal producer in several studios, Persiaa began learning studio management and etiquette. Persiaa now runs her own production company that includes a camp of song writers and producers who push out industry records for placements with major artists and producers.

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