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Caleb J. Murphy

Music in dozens of films & shows

Caleb can help you:

✅ Land sync deals on popular movies and TV shows
✅ Get your music on NPR stations
✅ Write and produce irresistible songs

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Caleb J. Murphy is a songwriter and producer based in Austin, Texas. He has been producing and releasing music since 2009. His music has been featured in dozens of films as well as on NPR stations, and on NBC's hit show, "Chicago Fire." 

'Ear To The Ground Music' called one of his songs "one of the most intriguing folk all of 2020." He shares what he learns and researches through his writing. He's also a contributor to Musician On A Mission, the Bandzoogle blog, Flypaper, and several others. Furthermore, he has started 'Musician With A Day Job,' a blog that helps part-time musicians kickstart their careers."

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