Frequently Asked Questions

What is Included in a Membership?

1. Ability to connect with professional mentors through Video Sessions, Receiving Music Feedback and Getting Shout Outs. 2. Access to 15+ Video Tips (and all future video tips). 3. Music features to over 1,000 artists and music professionals. 4. Interviews from our team, featured to thousands of artists. 5. Blog Features to thousands of artists and music lovers. 6. Blogs & Workshops (provide industry advice & guidance). 7. Free shout out from Marc Swersky (2X Grammy award winner) 8. Checklist on everything you need to do before releasing music for a successful release/ 9. And more. Become a member here.

Which Mentors are Apart of the Musician Guidance Team?

Please find all professionals here. A few include; 1) Marc Swerksy, a 2X Grammy award winner with 50 million + albums sold. 2) Scotty Grand, a celebrity vocal coach who has worked with Alicia Keys, Britney Spears and several other established acts. 3) Alex Archer, a recording engineer & producer who was worked on projects for Lewis Capaldi, Lizzo, Carly Rae Jepsen and several other established acts. 4) Candace Sosa, a songwriter for BTS with eight placements on four #1 albums (for BTS). 5) Vikki St Leger, an award winning vocal coach to the winner of "The Voice UK," finalists on "The X-Factor" and "Britain's Got Talent," as well as acts on Broadway. 6) Michael Auger, winner of Britain's Got Talent as part of english boy band "Collabro." 7) Hudson Moore, professional singer with over 48 million streams and music in 20+ films, TV shows and ads.

How Does a Video Call / Session Work?

Video Calls / Sessions are 15 to 60 minutes in length and conducted via Zoom video conferencing in a 1 on 1 meeting. The professional will send you necessary details prior to the call (Meeting ID and Password) for you to join. There is no limit on the amount of video calls / sessions you can have with any of the mentors. You are free to discuss anything music related on the call and for the best maximation of time, we recommend providing the professional any points you would like to discuss (in the booking form) - prior to the session.

How Does the Music Feedback Work?

The Feedback consists of a 400 word document offering industry insight, feedback and guidance that the mentor will compose after listneing to your music, goals, challenges, etc. It is a great way to receive real, honest, detailed guidance on how you can take your music to the next level. There is no limit on the amount of feedback reports you can receive from any of the professionals.

What is a Shout Out?

A shout out is a personalized video provided by professionals, (roughly 1 minute in length), in response to something you input in the booking form, such as an answer to a question, quick feedback on a song of yours, etc. There is no limit on the amount of shout outs you can receive from any of the professionals.

What are Video Tips?

Video tips are condensed, easy to follow videos with guidance and answers to some of your biggest music questions. Video tips are taught directly by many of our mentors. They teach you inside information, beyond what is readily available online through their experience and expertise.

Is there a Free Trial?

Yes, the Starter Pack comes with a free trial. If you cancel the plan within 7 days of purchasing it, you will not pay anything.

What is the Music Feature to Over 1,000 Musicians?

The feature can be a clip of yourself singing, playing an instrument, sharing your lyrics or anything else music related. It will be given on our Instagram page to over 1,000 music lovers and professionals around the world. Visit our Instagram page here.

Where will the Interview and Blog Feature(s) Given?

The features, both from the interview(s) and the blog feature(s) will be displyaed on Musician Guidance's blogs and/or on our social media pages.

They will reach approximately one hundred musicians within the first week and thousands over time.

What has Musician Guidance Achieved?

Apart from helping artists everyday make their dream their reality, we have been featured in over 200 global digital publications, received support from some of music's biggest stars, and received countless 5-star reviews.