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Daisylydia Morton

Daisylydia Morton

Celebrity manager

Daisylydia can help you:

✅ Attract professional management to your music
✅ Ensure you succeed in Web 3.0 in music
✅ Boost your prowess, by helping you with your marketing and artist image

Marc Swersky


Daisylydia Morton has been an artist manager for Icelandic singer Björk and artivist Bianca Jagger, working alongside artists including Gucci's artistic director Alessandro Michele and Vivienne Westwood's crew.

She has worked on Björk's VR music-video exhibition world tour, Björk Digital, Björk’s live orchestral shows and DJ sets, and on Bianca Jagger's Arts for Human Rights campaign in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood & Dior. 

Drawing from her artist manager panoramic, Daisylydia specializes in boosting an artist’s industry prowess, focusing on artist development, marketing and image, promotion, funding & goal-setting.

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