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How To Get Signed To A Record Label?

Hello you beautiful musician and welcome back to another blog on record labels...

I know, I know... we create a lot of content about record labels and in particular, how to get signed to a record label because well... they have a dark side to them, and have ruined careers for a lot of people. On the flip side, they have helped a lot of artists breakthrough and succeed.

Given their prominence, you believe we're going to provide you as much information on them as possible and to so this time, I had the privilege to chat with a great friend of mine, and Musician Guidance mentor Ryan Dawley.

Ryan has experience as an A&R and talent scout, and I wanted to pick his brain to find out EXACTLY what record labels look for in artists, so I did just that.

Without further adieu, I hope you enjoy and find some value in this clip : )

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Take care, and keep making music : )

Mack B. Founder of Musician Guidance

"The guy in the hat"

Big time music lover, below average golfer

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