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Algorithmic playlists

Guaranteed placements on Spotify's Algorithmic Playlists, such as Discover Weekly & Release Radar, up to 10 songs streamed per new listener and algorithmic growth after the campaign ends (on average).

STOP with the one off streams. START truly building a fan base today.

Spotify marketing strategy

We Trigger Spotify's Algorithm for Exceptional Results

With our unique approach, incorporating Spotify ads, we trigger the algorithm to get you unbelievable results, including up to 10 songs streamed pew new listener.

Spotify marketing strategy

We Get You Long-Lasting Fans / Repeat Listeners

We hyper target your ideal audience to get you more saves, follows and repeat listeners, (on average) so when the campaign ends, the streams are more likely to continue.

Spotify marketing strategy

We Guarantee Streams from 100% Targeted Listeners

Our campaigns run until you get the number of streams from your ideal listeners that you desire. As our campaigns are 100% real, they can do much better than expected, like 28X better (extreme case, but it has happened).

The BEST part about our campaigns?

Spotify playlisting
How to get on Spotify algorithmic playlists

100% Compliant with Spotify

We work directly with Spotify to ensure everything we do is always 100% compliant, so you never have to worry about your account being jeopardized.

How to get on Spotify algorithmic playlists

Real Streams (No Bots)

All our packages will get you real streams, saves & followers from real listeners, within your ideal audience, by utilizing Spotify ads.

How to get on spotify playlist

Algorithmic Placements

Guaranteed placements on Spotify's algorithmic playlists, such as, Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and Spotify Radio, to skyrocket your streams, saves & follows.

How to get on spotify playlist

Trusted by Music's Best

We run Spotify digital marketing campaigns for some of music's most successful professionals & companies, including major label artists.

 Artists from the major labels get Spotify promotion from us

Best Spotify promotion
Best Spotify promotion
Best Spotify promotion
Spotify ad promotion

Trusted by Music's Best For a Reason

Throughout your campaign, count on our dedicated support team every step of the way, and once your campaign concludes, we'll provide you a report directly from Spotify, showcasing the results. Shall a concern ever pop up, we're here to swiftly resolve it, ensuring your music stays on track to reach its ideal audience.

Spotify ads studio
Spotify digital marketing

Here's what artists are saying

Nubia Shambee

Nubia Shambee

This is the number 1 site to help all musicians start their career and take it to the next level👈🏾🔥

Music business advice

via Google Reviews

Best Spotify promotion


Great service, helpful information, outstanding staff! Great all around experience!

Music business advice

via Trustpilot


Wizard Raidho

Musician Guidance is the pearl in this ocean full of sharks they are LEGIT 100% so if you found them consider yourself lucky because you will have real listeners vibe with your music and change your life for the better.

Music business advice

via Trustpilot

Best Spotify promotion

Oliver Rogers

Can't recommend them enough.

Music business advice

via Trustpilot

Best Spotify promotion

Jason Campbell

5/5 would recommend any person with an interest in taking their music to the next level give Musician Guidance a try!

Music business advice

via Trustpilot

2018-0712 Headshot - Jim Sinur 5.jpg

Jim Sinur

The Musician's Guidance delivered outstanding results on our first Spotify marketing promo. In a month, we reached over 63K streams and went worldwide in our first swing. If it just resulted in success, that's one thing, but the personalized service for us newbies was phenomenal. Friendly service plus results. Doesn't get better than that!

Music business advice

via Trustpilot

Best Spotify promotion

Angelica Millan

Really helped with getting my music to more people :)

Music business advice

via Trustpilot


Jesse Neo (founder of Gemtracks)

Without a doubt, the best Spotify promotion there is! The algo playlists truly have uncapped potential for artists.

Music business advice
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Playlisting plans

The proof (look at the "average streams per new listener")

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a 1 on 1 Zoom Session?
    A 1 on 1 Zoom session is a meeting between yourself and the professional (no one else), in which you will: 1) Build a face to face connection with the professional. 2) Get discovered & expand your network, through meeting an industry expert. 3) Be able to ask anything, and get immediate personalized guidance. 4) Be able strategize & brainstorm lyrics, production, vocal exercises, marketing plans, release strategies, and more ! What you need to know? 1) Sessions take place on Zoom or Google Meets. 2) Sessions are 15 to 60 minutes in length (you can decide the length). 3) Sessions are tailored around your schedule. 4) There are no limits on the number of sessions you can have. How to prepare? 1) Have a list of questions ready to ask to best make use of time. 2) Ensure you have a solid internet connection.
  • What does music feedback consist of?
    Music feedback consists of a 400 word document provided by the professional of your choosing, in which you will: 1) Receive documented constructive criticism to take into consideration on your song, or anything else you would like reviewed. What you need to know? 1) The feedback is 400 words. 2) It will take about 7 days to receive from the time you place your order. How to prepare? 1) If you would like feedback on your song, have your song ready in a format that can be easily shared (not password protected). 2) If you would like something else reviewed (social page, EPK, music marketing plan, etc), prepare specific questions regarding it to direct the focus of the professional.
  • What is a personalized video shout out?
    A personalized video shout out consists of a self-recorded video provided by the professional of your choosing. What you need to know? 1) The video will be about 1 minute in length. 2) It will take about 7 days to receive from the time you place your order. How to prepare? 1) Ask a clear question of what you would like the mentor to answer.
  • What is the social media strategy?
    Social media strategy provides you the opportunity to receive expertise and a plan to take regarding growing your social presence online. It includes: 1) Best Posting Practices 2) Growth Strategy 3) Improving Engagement 4) Improving Copy 5) Improving Imaging 6) Identifying Content Strategy What you need to know? 1) It will take about 7 days to receive from the time you place your order. How to prepare? 1) Compile the handles of your social pages that you would like reviewed.
  • Please read these disclaimers
    Musician Guidance cannot guarantee any success on behalf of yourself. Musician Guidance mentors will always provide you with honest, and direct insight, feedback, tips, answers to your questions and other guidance to best help you succeed, but nothing is guaranteed in the music industry.
  • What is included in a membership?
    Memberships provide everything independent artists need, including: 1) Promotion / Exposure (music features to 15,000+, song reviews, blog & interview features & more) 2) Mentoring (Personalized video feedback from a 2X Grammy winner, 15+ hours of podcasts & videos featuring industry leaders, music business tips, 10% off mentoring sessions with any mentor & more) 3) Connections / Status (Instant connections to music industry leaders, press quotes to include on your EPK, access to a community of hundreds of like-minded music creatives to network with, access to an engagement group to boost your online presence). 4) Done For You Resources (Email pitch templates to land gigs & placements, marketing & social media plans, blueprints & more) To see all the perks included in our memberships, please visit


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