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Ryan Dawley

Record label A&R

Ryan can help you:

✅ Get signed, by peeling back the curtain into how labels actually work, what they look, and how to increase your chances of getting scouted / signed
✅ Avoid music business scams, (and especially record label scams)
✅ Tour the world as a singer
✅ Get involved in starting podcasts, (or hosting podcasts), and sharing guidance on how to keep the attention of your listeners / viewers

Marc Swersky
  • Record Label A&R Executive with 13 Years of Experience in the Industry

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    From 39.99 US dollars


Ryan Dawley is a singer, entrepreneur, record label A&R, talent scout and podcast host from Pennsylvania with over 13 years of experience in the entertainment industry. 

He is also the Founder of Coverseas Productions, a company that places musicians and DJs in 5-star hotel residences, night clubs and events in Asia and the UAE.

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