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Haven't Been Able to Overcome Stage Fright?

Here's Why:

Getting in Your Own Way

  • You're focusing on everything that could possibly go wrong, rather than everything that could go right.

Not Practicing the Right Way

  • Are you practicing performing alone or in front of others? No one was comfortable singing to crowds right away.

Unsure of the Unknown

  • Your mind is wandering of all the unknown issues and potential problems when performing in front of others.

Lacking Confidence

  • You're doubting yourself and your abilities, or you're lacking confidence, which causes the anxiety.

"Who Can I Have Sessions With to Guide Me?"

Britain's Got Talent Winner

Touring Musician to Millions Across the Globe

Artists with Sold Out International Tours

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"What Can Professionals Help Me With?"

Preparing for Performance

  • Learn to properly control your nerves, anxiety, excitement and more before stepping on stage.

Overcoming Stage Fright

  • When performing, learn to remain focused while enjoying the moment.

Fixing Live Mistakes

  • Mistakes will inevitably happen, but you will learn to 'fix them' without breaking stride.

Gain Confidence

  • Learn how to be in control of your performance and let your talent shine through.

And anything else you would like to learn.

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Which Pros are Best Suited to Mentor You?




Winner of Britain's Got Talent as part of English Boy Band Collabro. The group has EMBARKED ON SOLD-OUT INTERNATIONAL TOURS.



Professional singer, SEEN BY MILLIONS over the world through her relentless international touring. Lynn has grown her Instagram page to over 100K Followers on her own.



Professional Singer-SONGWRITER whose music has been placed in major campaigns such as the "Be Your Biggest Fan" Campaign for Caleb McLaughlin from the EMMY AWARD WINNING Netflix Series, "Stranger Things."




Professional Franco-Amercian Singer-Songwriter signed with GB Prod/PLAY TWO, which is mainly distributed with Warner Music. James will Help You reduce the anxiety around performing live.


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What will the Results Be?

Monetary Compensation

  • Earning money at live gigs is something that you will now be able to take advantage of.

A Larger Reach

  • The ability for you to now perform confidently at live events to reach fans beyond your current network.

Professional Recognition

  • Everyone in the industry is now online and so a great way to stand out, is actually by performing live.


  • Performing live is the best way to form real connections with your fans.

Deal, Deals & Deals

  • Performing live in front of others provides you a platform for companies to approach you for endorsements, sponsorships, label deals, etc.

Your Dream Life, Sooner

  • Recognition in the industry, earning a living from your music, living a fulfilling life and lifting up those around you through music.

"Whenever I had questions, I was helped personally and directly - Which I felt was very trusting and I really appreciate the engagement. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get one step closer to the strength to stand by their dream." 

- Julia Weinhold

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