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Haven't Been Able to Get Your Music in Media?

Here's Why:

Lacking Connections

  • You might have the perfect song, but without connections, getting that song to the right person/company can seem impossible.

Don't Know Where to Start

  • You're not sure of the first step or what is needed, how to approach companies, what to say to them, etc.


  • You carry with you false preconceptions about how to get music in media which is dragging you down the wrong path.

Not Sure How to Sell

  • In essence, you will need to learn to sell yourself, on why you're the right person to compose a song for the movie/show/ad.

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"Who Can I Have Sessions With to Guide Me?"

2X Grammy Award Winner

Artists with Music in Dozens of Films & Shows

Artists with Licenses with Pro Sports Clubs

Want to Meet Your New Mentors?

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Professionals Can Provide Guidance On:

Getting Music in Media

  • Learn how to approach companies to get your music in Films, TV shows, commercials, the radio and just about everywhere else.

Learning to Pitch

  • Learn what to say, what to do and how to pitch yourself and your songs. You will learn to show the value you bring to the 'table.'

Licenses with Sports Teams

  • Learn how to get your music played at festivals and sporting events (such as the NFL).

Connect with Companies

  • Learn strategies to not only gain the attention of media companies, but to also build connections with them.

And anything else you would like to learn.

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2-TIME GRAMMY AWARD WINNER with 35+ years of experience and over 50 Million Album Copies sold. His songs have featured in "Creed," "Get Hard" and "Shameless." 

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Which Pros are Best Suited to Mentor You?

Hudson Moore

Professional Musician with OVER 48 MILLION STREAMS, and music in 20+ FILMS/TV SHOWS/ADS and a license with the DALLAS COWBOYS.


Caleb J. Murphy

Songwriter and Producer whose music can be found in DOZENS OF FILMS as well as on NPR stations. 'Ear To The Ground Music' called one of his songs "one of the most intriguing folk tunes... in  all of 2020."


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What will the Results Be?

Global Recognition

  • The great thing about getting your music in media, is it can spread quicker than you can imagine.

Monetary Compensation

  • Royalties, endorsements and many more streams of revenue, providing you a nice income.

Opportunities for Placements

  • After one placement, your recognition in the industry drastically increases, leading to more and more opportunities.

Professional Connections

  • You will build real, personal relationships with established production, distribution and media companies.

Deal, Deals & Deals

  • Once you have the connections, you will have several opportunities for new publishing deals.

Your Dream Life, Sooner

  • Recognition in the industry, earning a living from your music, living a fulfilling life and lifting up those around you through music.

"Thanks to Musician Guidance, I was able to talk to Marc Swersky [2X Grammy Award Winner] and benefit from his wealth of experience. He was uplifting, critical, smart and wholehearted and gave me an honest overall picture of the work ahead to achieve what I want." 

- Julia Weinhold

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