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Haven't Been Able to Professionally Produce Music?

Here's Why:

Lacking Connections

  • Having the right producer that matches your style is necessary, but you might lack the network to find that producer.

Production is Complicated

  • The amount of components can be extremely overwhelming when trying to learn it yourself.

Unsure of Equipment

  • There are tons and tons of equipment on the market and you may be unsure which is best for you.

Production is Expensive

  • Music production can be very expensive, so learning it yourself will save you money along with making you a complete musician.

"Who Can I Have Sessions With for Guidance?"

Grammy Winning Producer

Platinum Producer

Producer to Lewis Capaldi

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Recording Studio

What Will Professionals Help You With?

Mixing & Mastering

  • Ensure your music sounds the best as possible wherever it is played.

Acoustics, signal flow, etc.

  • You will learn everything to do with recording, editing, tracking, etc.

All Aspects of Production

  • Music production is complicated. Let's clear up any questions you have.

The Equipment to Use

  • Learn which of the many different types of equipment is best for your purposes.

And anything else you would like to learn.

Sheet Music

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Which Pros are Best Suited to Help You?


Alexander Archer

AUDIO ENGINEER who has worked with Lewis Capaldi, Lizzo, Sigrid and Carly Rae Jepsen along with producing works for Vevo, Universal Music, Google as well as many labels.




Professional Songwriter and Producer who has written many songs for BTS (Outrageously Popular K-Pop Group) including eight placements on 4 #1 albums.



2-TIME GRAMMY AWARD WINNER with 35+ years of experienceand over 50 million albums sold. His songs have featured in "Creed," "Get Hard" and "Shameless." 

Marc Swersky.jpg



PLATINUM PRODUCER and hitmaker as well as creator of the Grammy-nominated music production team "The Lab Rats Ink." Brooks also owns his own label (TBrooks Music Group/The Lab Rats Ink).



MANAGES A PRODUCTION COMPANY that includes a camp of songwriters and producers who push out industry records for placements with major artists and producers. 


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DJ Mixing

What will the Results Be?

Professional Sounding Music

  • In an industry where musicians are releasing quantity, rather than quality, professional sounding music is getting more targeted attention.

Monetary Compensation

  • If you're producing songs for yourself, you will be saving tons of money and if you're producing for others, you will earn a nice income.

In-Demand Skill

  • Every artist is always looking for a producer to take their music and turn it into a masterpiece.

Professional Connections

  • You will build professional connections to artists and companies (such as labels and production companies).

Complete Musician

  • Adding producing to your music abilities evolves you more into a complete musician, which is sought after in the industry.

Your Dream Life, Sooner

  • Recognition in the industry, earning a living from producing and living a fulfilling life.

"Thanks to Musician Guidance, I was able to talk to Marc Swersky [2X Grammy Award Winner] and benefit from his wealth of experience. He was uplifting, critical, smart and wholehearted and gave me an honest overall picture of the work ahead to achieve what I want." 

- Julia Weinhold

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